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We here at Veldman Cattle Company provide our buyers cattle that have condition; coming straight off grass and in the best of health. Our steers are not pampered, but are kept in a low pressure environment; from the time they arrive until they leave the ranch they are handled with care and are well accustomed to people. Veldman Cattle have a record of performing well and exhibiting gain in their transition to the feed yard.
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The Ranch

The Veldman Cattle Ranch is located one hour south of Dallas, Texas west off I-45. The herd graze on native blue stem, coastal and johnson grass in the summer; and the winter pastures are interceded with no-till oats and volunteer rye, peas, vetch, and clover. Veldman Cattle are given a minimum of three pastures a day in the rotational grazing system, practiced at the ranch since 1994. Water is piped through the ranch providing a fresh supply in concrete water stations available to each of the 120 grazing cells; providing up to 360 separate pastures.
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The Program

All calves entering the Veldman Cattle Program go through intensive background preconditioning. Calves that graduate to the herd have met all six established criteria:

  1. They have never been sick.
  2. They are of a quiet disposition.
  3. They have cleared the BVD test.
  4. They have passed a minimum initial preconditioning weigh up.
  5. They have had two rounds of vaccinations.
  6. They are Hormone Free. 

The cattle are then turned out to grass and supplemented with minerals. Veldman Cattle are represented by Ty Decordova with Superior Livestock. Contact us for upcoming Sale dates.

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